Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Field Trip

Wow! What a busy week this has been. My son just started his on-line school. This is so new to us and it's going to take time to get into the swing of things. It sounds like a lot of work but I think he will learn so much. I'd like to say he loves Math, English etc...but he doesn't. His favorite class so far is Digital Photography. I hope he learns a lot so he can teach his mother!

Today, I went on a school field trip. Our class went to the Oregon Zoo where our little baby elephant "Samudra" is a main attraction. We had heard there were lines and it was taking about and hour and a half to see him but today was perfect. We got right up to the look-out spot and enjoyed watching him play. He is so cute!I just had to share some baby pictures.

I'm sorry but is there anything more cute than a baby? He was so sweet running around and trying to master stepping up on a platform.

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melanie's all my favorite things said...

Could this be any cuter? I just love your blog- and am soooo glad to see the baby elephant! Sounds so corny, but a baby elephant is just the cutest!