Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Detroit Lake

Well, it's nice to be home! We had a wonderful time camping last week. Every year in July my family and I go to Detroit Lake where we spend time with my extended family which consists of my #1 and son plus my parents, my sister, her husband, their kids, neices, nephews, cousins etc... I think you get the picture. We have a large group. The kids and adults enjoy getting out in the water, tubing, skiing etc...

It is so warm and nice during this time of the year. I love to lay in the sun and relax. I usually burn but this year I did a little better, just a little pink.

There are always a bunch of ducks and geese looking for food. The kids have a fun time feeding them stale bread.

#1 enjoys the time to get away from the crowds and do a little "catch and release" fishing in one of the nearby creeks.

Every year my cousin and her husband plan a special game for the kids. Ususally it's something like "The Great Race". They team up and then go from campsite to campsite competing in different events. One year our campsite was "Germany". One person on the team had to eat a dixie cup full of sour krout before they could receive their next envelope. It was so fun to watch! It surprised me how many teenagers couldn't down a cup of krout without an involuntary gag reflex kicking in.

Well, this year the games took on a different flair. It was the Olympics. The kids and adults had a great time. There was an apple eating contest (no hands!), bubblegum blowing contest( that entailed a premature trip to the orthodontist when we got home as the gum was frozen). There were many other events also. My cousin and her husband put so much time and preperations into these events that the kids look forward to them year after year.

Another thing the ladies did was a baby shower. One of my nieces will be having her first baby in November and this was the perfect time, with family together, to throw a shower.

Since I was the one giving the shower, I had to think ahead on things I might need while out there. So I'll end this post with a project I did right before I left on our trip. You never know when inspiration will hit! That morning I ran to the Dollar Tree for some materials. I don't know about you, but I love the Dollar Tree! This project only cost me about $2.00. I ended up collecting a few little journal books and some embelishments. I have a big stash of vintage baby cards and those are always fun to use.

I wanted to create a book she could take to each baby shower. I had each person write their name and address, with a little piece of motherly advice in it plus whatever the gift was that they got her. It was a lot of fun to make.


Hope your summer is going GREAT!


A Thing for Roses said...

Hey Debbie,

Can you adopt me? Your family campout sounded like so much fun. Love your little baby shower idea too. Was just at Monticello and your window looks great. We get to do it end of August! Should be fun. Hope to see you soon. Are you going to Barn House this weekend?



Maison Douce said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Debbie! And the journal turned out sooo cute!

toni said...

Man, that looks like fun! Maybe next year...