Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Monday!

I had big plans today to do a little sewing but those plans disappeared. Instead I did a little shopping. Kohls had a pretty good sale so I ended up buying a few things there. I love to shop Goodwill and that doesn't mean just for vintage items. It also means clothing. Mr. Riley loves Goodwill also, the bags make such wonderful beds. I was able to pick up a Hollister hoodie at half off. It'll be perfect for bumming around or camping. Since we are heading out next week for our annual camping trip, it was perfect!

I didn't get many pictures this week-end of the few things I purchased. There weren't many sales listed this week, probably because of the holiday. Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of things I have purchased in the past and as silly as it seems, they make my heart skip a beat when I find them.

I love finding old Bingo games, especially the games with the old black and cream cards. I have picked up a variety of colors and they are great to use on different projects.


These old cat show ribbons were a fun find. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but the colors were so pretty and well, you know!


Lastly, here is a beautiful vintage coat I picked up this week-end. I just love it! It might have to stay at my house for a little bit, awaiting Fall.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bristol said...

First up' I love the picture of the cat. We had an orange tiger Wiley who was just the most laid back cat. Yours reminds me of him, thank you:) The cat show ribbons I am in love I collect and sell horse show ribbons, cat show I did not know, I am in lov ewith the colors~

Bristol said...

PS do you wan tto sell those lovelies?

A Thing for Roses said...

Was at Monticello yesterday and I just loved your window display. Wanted to buy everything, but I had to restrain myself as I'm supposed to be selling, not buying. Loved your cute pics on this post too. Have a fun week and I hope to see you at Expo.



Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I just love how the cabinet turned out!! See>>>????? One man's trash is another man's (well, woman's) treasure.

You hubby is great and love that crown!!!

Everything is wonderful and your pretty cat must be exhausted after having viewed all of the sweet goodies.