Monday, July 28, 2008

A Fun Treasure Hunting Week-end

I don't know what I'm going to do once my #1 goes back to work. I can keep him so busy. Either going to estate sales, fixing furniture, cooking etc... Boy, am I going to get a rude awakening! But until then, we will have a lot of fun!

I had a great week-end of shopping. I missed not being out last week, and boy, were there a lot of sales last week. So, this week-end I made up for it. We went out Friday morning, hit an auction that evening and then went saling again the next day. I always end up putting many of my things away, before I ever think about taking pictures of them, but here are a few items I still had out.

blog july 2

blog july 3

Here is a wonderful dress form I found this week-end. I haven't ever seen one quite like her. She's a keeper, but that means I will have to let go of one I already have. My son thinks I'm starting to collect these and thinks it's kind of creepy. What a funny guy!

blog july 6

I thought this little porcelain bird was sweet and he seemed to find a wonderful place to land.

blog july 5

I was able to pick up a few pieces of furniture also. Riley always thinks he needs to test each piece.

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And last, I had my parents over for dinner last night, celebrating my father's birthday. #1 cooked an authentic German feast with sauerbratten, red potatoes and ginger gravy, asparagus spears with hollandaise sause, and sauteed mushrooms. It was good! "He's da best!" Mom brought me a beautiful bouquet of dahlias from their wonderful yard which is full of flowers and vegetables. Well, I think I benefited from their visit as I filled up my ice bucket with lot of pretty flowers. Don't flowers just brighten up a place. She also made me Russian Teacakes, my favorite! They must be my families favorite too as they are disappearing rather quickly.

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Thanks for stopping by! I always love hearing from you!


A Thing for Roses said...

Hey Debbie,

Glad you had a fun weekend. Loved seeing the treasures you found. We love Sauerbraten too! That's the only way I'll eat venison or elk roasts. Hope to see you around soon!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Looook at all of the wonderful finds~~~~~ I am getting weak in the knees here! Love that little green flower pot. How dainty and cute. And that dress form - oooo la la!

Always a treat to stop by to see your pretty things. I do think my favorite thing is that adorable vintage bird wall pocket that is next to the scotty on your sidebar. If ever you decide to sell it, let me know.


shirley said...

Enjoyed your pictures of Detroit Lake , expecially the cute kid feeding the ducks, he probably looks like his Grandmother. :)
Great job Deb. Mom

Shab-n-Chic said...

Love that mannequin! The base reminds me of those old office chair bases! I've never seen one quite like this. Fun finds :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Debbie, I commented once and blogger said "it took too long"....whatever that means. :) Love the dress form you found and your Mom's dahlias...gorgeous. ~ Lynn

blueberrybuttons said...

Love your site! Thanks for sharing with us. The dress form is gorgeous. If you decide to get rid of one, let me know. I do not have one and have been wanting one.
Thanks for the great site!

Beth Quinn said...

oh what great finds ! what a great birdie ! love it !!! thanks too for stopping by my blog !!

Feathering My Nest said...

Debbie, Your weekend looks so fun. Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comments. I love German food too. Kathi