Monday, October 20, 2008

I remember how fun it was when Jonathan was little and we would go to the pumpkin patch and find that perfect pumpkin. Or at least I would suggest the perfect pumpkin for him and he would pick a different one. Anyway, he would come home happy and we would have the smallest yet wonderful pumpkin on our front porch.

Now he is sixteen and we don't go to the pumpkin patch or play in the hay but what kid doesn't like to carve out a pumpkin. So, Sunday we told him he could invite some friends over and we'd go to the grocery store and they could pick out their pumpkins. I think they picked out some of the biggest ones they could find. It was well worth it though. As they had a good time carving pumpkins and eating pizza.

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping this week-end but here are a few finds I found. Boy, looking at these pictures I guess I need to give credit to my #1 as it looks like he is the one that found most of these finds. He's getting pretty good!

Here is a bunch of old sheet music and some vintage Halloween.

This is a wonderful old print, it is actually quite large but alas it did have water damage. But, I loved it!

I think my most favorite find was this old book that I found for a $1.00. It was published in the 1800's and has the most wonderful black and white tiny pictures. The binding is coming off as well as the pages, but it's perfect for crafting.

I guess that just shows that we each have our own ideas on perfect as my son would look at this book and wonder why I would buy something so old and falling apart. Neither of us wrong just different.


wheeled excavator said...

wow, very special, i like it.

mini excavators for sale said...

very clever.

brenda sue said...

hey guys, love the pumkins. It makes me want to have a party!!!

toni said...

i'm're house or mine :D

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How fun to have the kids over to carve out some pumpkins. Looks like a lot of fun.

Debbie, you found some wonderful goodies to bring home. I think I like that little book the best, too. What wonderful illustrations!


shirley said...

Hey Debb
.Think I figured it out . Love the pumpkins makes me not want to have a party. :) just kidding.

Jonathan sure has a good Mom. Tell him Grandma said so , so it must be true .

Love Mom