Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Spy

Today at school, I grabbed a couple of "I Spy" books for the kids to look at. They enjoy going through these books and picking out different things for another child to look for. There are some children that will read the words and try to find the items in the book. And others that like to make up their own game of "I Spy". I have to admit that I enjoy these books also and I am a big fan of the computer games that ask you to find different objects in each scene.

Here are the pages that caught my attention. As you can see, everything on these pages are of vintage collectible items. I love to look at pictures and see all the old items that I've never seen before. It just sparks my imagination. It also gives me great ideas of things that are still out there for me to find.

Ok, now if you are just itching to play the game. Here are the items you need to find in the first two pictures.

A schoolhouse, three camels, a bell, a lighthouse, a swan, and a basket that fell. Next, there's a paintbrush, a drum, an upside-down block, a calendar card, and a grandfather clock.

But wait the fun continues!

Can you find the lion and eight other cats, a shell from the ocean, a fish who wears hats. How about a horse that rocks and a horse that rolls. And last, a button with a square and one without holes?

These books would definitely have been some of my favorites when I was a child. What were your favorite books as a child?


Anonymous said...


The "I Spy" books are wonderful and I too, love the pictures of the vintage collectibles. We were just at the library a couple of weeks ago and the kids checked out several of the books. I enjoyed just looking at the items on the pages while they were busy trying to find them! So much fun! Great post!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Remember the Highlights books that were in most doctor/dentist offices? I loved trying to find the hidden pics in those. You are such a great teacher! I bet your kids just love the challenges you present to them. Great job!

My favorite books were Nancy Drews - well, when I got older. My mom would draw for us and make up stories as she went along. That was better than any book.