Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow 2008

Ok,so I thought I would share some pictures of the snow we got yesterday. They're telling us freezing rain should come on top of this. For now, I'll enjoy the snow, it sure is pretty!

Here is a picture I took yesterday afternoon. At this point you can see my watering can.

Now you can only see a little bit of it.

The accumulation of snow as seen on the deck and front porch is from blowing off the house, but we did get about 8" of snow. Pretty amazing, I think! Well, we're off to do some shopping #1 is feeling adventuresome! Yikes!


A Thing for Roses said...

This snow is crazy! I would be lovin it a whole lot more if I was finished with my Christmas shopping, but it is a nice change and so pretty to look at. Congratulations to your son for getting the part in the play he auditioned for. Hope you are staying warm & cozy.



Anonymous said...

Hi Deb , Here I am! We have a table that looks just like that - white with about 14 inches of snow on top. I'm ready for it to go away now. How was the shopping adventure? You all have a merry Christmas!!

texasdaisey said...

What pretty pictures of the snow. Still hoping for some here in Texas.

miss gracies house said...

I think you have as much snow as we have here in Idaho! It is pretty and does help get in the Christmas mood-LOL! I love all of your vintage deocrations-very festive! I really like that cabinet you have in your living room-I have a thing for cabinets!
Have a very merry Christmas, celebrating the hope we have.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Debbie! I love your snow pictures and how your furniture looks in contrast with the white. Very pretty! LOL about the watering can!!

Have a lovely Christmas, Debbie and thank you for your friendship this year! You are such a lovely person.