Thursday, December 11, 2008

While looking through a box of old paper I came across some sweet books that I had forgotten about. Each one very worn, showing a lot of use, but still as pretty as could be. I just love the old children's books. The covers were wonderfully illustrated. I have a few that I have kept and display in my home. Now, that I've unearthed these sweet things I will be finding places for them too.

Yes, I'm afraid another one of those many collections!


cherished*vintage said...

Those old books are beautiful! I don't think one can ever have too many collections. hehe Hope you're enjoying this Christmas season!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Debbie, that is a perfect collection - especially since you are a teacher. I love these old books, too. Hmmm..maybe I need a new collection. haha.


texasdaisey said...

What a cool collection. Debbie